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Hope in Housing offers Informational Presentations and Seminars to train people and professionals so they know the answers that they need in every housing issue. We also train people the financial strategies to truly get by and ahead at this time. If you would like to see more... 
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We are really excited about this company; as everyone knows that people's budgets matter to us.

It is a company of integrity that is having their 20th anniversary. They have been on Donald Trump's show The Apprentice twice and Donald stands behind them as a recession proof opportunity.

Here is a web site that you can watch 30 minute webinars on.

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Then you can go to our web site to see what you can save on your utilities... The 800 number for each utility is seen when you click ORDER NOW - then you can chat with one of our great reps in Charlotte, NC. who can answer ALL of your questions.

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You just need to click on the VISIT MY ONLINE STORE tab and then put your state in the box to check out the services that are available to you.
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