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Hope in Housing offers Informational Presentations and Seminars to train people and professionals so they know the answers that they need in every housing issue. We also train people the financial strategies to truly get by and ahead at this time. If you would like to see more... 
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Jill Davis
Hope In Housing
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Hope in Housing invites you to a valuable educational presentations on the current housing crisis and financial strategies for such a time as this. The presentations will be scheduled and listed at that time.We Do Not Want People Just To Survive... Let s Help Them To Thrive

Our Vision is to equip the Churches and Professionals with knowledge and strategies for such a time as this. We know that if we can help the leaders to live strategically in these current times they will then be able to set an example and give counsel with up to the minute advice. The church needs to shine in a world that is losing hope.
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