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Presentations and Workshops
Hope in Housing offers Informational Presentations and Seminars to train people and professionals so they know the answers that they need in every housing issue. We also train people the financial strategies to truly get by and ahead at this time. If you would like to see more... 
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Educational Seminars Coming Soon!
Upcoming Informational Presentations:
Hope in Housing Mini-Seminar, a basic educational overview, will be offered to Churches, Businesses  and the Community in SW Florida. The Mini-Seminar is two hours in length offering a clear overview of the housing and financial crisis facing our Nation today and strategic Plans of Action to walk out of "stress" into "rest".

This presentation will give people a taste of the more in-depth Hope in Housing Workshops and offers an excellent time for a stimulating Q & A.  The fee for this will be minimal.

Feel free to send us a message about your interest in the workshops. Click Here

Hope in Housing Workshops are four hours in length and will give you all of your options in housing. You will then have a time with worksheets to actually design a plan to make the best decisions in housing for your peace of mind and financial stability.

"Housing Options" -
Complete understanding and ability to make informed housing decisions

"Financial Strategies" -
Realistic understanding of personal financial condition plus develop a personalized Basic Budget and a preliminary Financial Plan with realistic goals and timelines.

People will take home a workbook with notes from the power point presentation, strategic worksheets and an appendix of current information.

Our Goal
: Hope in Housing Workshops monthly in SW Florida at community centers or churches.

Current Workshop Fee: To be decided with each group of people.
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