Do you want to stay in your home?

Do you need to sell your home quickly?

Then we can help you to walk through these procedures with confidence…
We all need to assess where we are with our homes and what is required to stabilize
our housing and financial future.

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Hope in Housing has a deep-rooted passion for you - the homeowners of Florida. We aim to educate and equip you with the power to alter the outcome of your housing and financial future.
Our team of experienced professionals can guide you through the process of solving your housing issue.
Explore all of the options available to you, such as:


Do you have a financial plan?
Have you put money away for a rainy day?
Do you know that you can reconcile debt and repair credit easily?
Have you ever considered taking a financial class to be able to live in this current economic time?
Real Solutions That Help Avoid Foreclosure, Stay In Your Home or Leave With Dignity
Short Sale
Principle Reduction
Foreclosure Defense
Principal Reduction Program
Loan Modification Options
Short Sale Quickly
Legal Foreclosure Defense
Financial Management Skills
Debt Reconciliation for Companies
and Individuals to Survive
Credit Repair
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Hope in Housing offers Informational Presentations and Seminars to train people and professionals so they know the answers that they need in every housing issue. We also train people the financial strategies to truly get by and ahead at this time. If you would like to see more... 
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